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By clicking on this link you can order directly from Emerson Ecologics. Emerson Ecologics carries thousands of health products. Most of the best health supplement companies are available from Emerson. You can create an account under my account and get 20% off all products. In order to set up an account you will need to contact me for the access code.

Here is a list of my favorite companies you can order from:

  • Health Concerns ( I like the Cold Away or the Astra Diet Tea)
  • Banyan – they have organic massage oils, spices and wonderful supplements, such as Triphala, Women’s Support
  • Weleda – wonderful oils, for example the Arnica massage oil, or the wild rose oil.
  • Sedona Labs – Sinus Formula
  • Heel – Traumeel Creme
  • Vital 10 – Probiotic from Klaire Labs (powerful probiotic)
  • Progressive Labs
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • New Chapter