Jill B, Solvang

I first met Claudia about 4 years ago. My Therapist recommended that I seek her care because we were not able to go forward with therapy because of the severity of the pain I was dealing with from nerve damage from breast cancer surgery. I was very fragile then, both physically and emotionally. At our first meeting, she greeted me with such warmth and kindness that I felt immediately at ease with her. I was terrified of anyone touching me because the pain was so severe but little did I know that I was in store for something so special and so healing that it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I had lived for years with debilitating nerve pain and it got in the way of everything, including my entire quality of life. I had no idea how she would be able treat such intractable pain. I learned that her heart is as tender as her hands. She knew exactly where to put the needles for optimum efficiency, all the while speaking to me in such a sweet, soothing, calming voice with lovely music in the background. Soon, I was a melted puddle of tears because for the first time in years I was no longer being shocked by waves of excruciating pain. Instead, I was given the single greatest gift I have ever received in my life – relief from the 10 point pain that had gutted my life. I felt embarrassed that I was crying but she was just so gentle and kind to me and reassured me that this was a normal part of the healing process. So began the journey to wellness for me. Claudia Ward is far more than an incredible Acupucturist, she is a Healer. I have seen her twice a week for more than 4 years. The nerves that were cut in surgery can sometimes take up to 10 years or more to either reknit themselves or close themselves off so that they no longer send signals to the pain receptors in the brain. And since the surgery, I pinched a nerve in my back about a year and a half ago, which she also treats. If I did not have Claudia to help ease my pain, quite honestly I don’t know if I would be here today. Most people don’t understand the gravity of intractable nerve pain and the consequences it can have on an already injured psyche. The difference she has made in my life is incalculable. I now look forward to living life instead of fearing wakefulness. In addition to the Acupuncture, which brings instantaneous pain relief, she uses her expertise and knowledge of nerve meridians to place very, very small squares of adhesive tape with a tiny seeds centered in the middle of each on the correct pain meridians inside the auricle, helix and lobule of each ear so I can pinch them myself for help with pain relief. It is all miraculous to me. What I have learned from this is that I am a happy person who has physical pain that is treatable with Acupuncture. It would not have happened without Claudia. She has gone above and beyond these treatments for me. For example, she assisted me tremendously in losing 50lbs! Claudia is a Gentle Force of Nature and Natural Healing. I will be forever grateful for the services she provides me and the kindness and gentleness with which she does it.

Brandt Solovij, Santa Barbara:

After a treatment with Claudia I feel like my dog after eating a meal of sausages – happy, content, calm, nothing can faze me at work!

Carly Roberts, Santa Barbara:

I chose Claudia to do my panchakarma with because I knew she would offer me personalized and attentive care throughout the entire cleanse. As challenging as it was she was there to answer any questions I had throughout the entire week. During my three days of treatments I found I had mental and spiritual clarity I had never experienced before. When you spend time with Claudia you will see she is not only extremely knowledgeable and talented at her craft but – what is even more important – she is passionate! Adding personal touches, tailoring treatments for the individual, and never forgetting the smallest of details made my panchakarma one I will never forget. I am already looking forward to reliving this experience with Claudia again later this year!

Alice Thompson, Avocado Rancher, Carpinteria, CA:

I have been a client of Claudia for about 8 years and my health keeps improving!

Mine is a complicated lifestyle, with plenty of stress – personal and business- , in addition to chronic disorders that require MD’s and hospitals.

I do not want to let age and disease stop me from my very active ranch work and love of the outdoors.

I do not wish to suffer from depression, menopausal complaints, or aches and pains, so I use Claudia!

Her relaxing office and peaceful massage space are always a welcome retreat from the Santa Barbara hustle and bustle and I have never left her office not feeling and looking better!

Her knowledge of different ways to help the body cleanse and heal itself seem limitless, and as someone who has had bodywork since the early 60’s (I am now into mine!) I have only the greatest testament for her methods, knowledge and devotion to people and healing.

In a time when Western Medicine has only about 11 minutes per client, the time and energy she puts into a session becomes a unique person-to-person experience that is so very necessary to healing!

She has given me herbal flu remedies that work, oils that bring my dry, winterized skin to a beautiful softness, she can make you strong and beautiful, fix things and make you feel better with her wonderful hands and mind. When my friends are low, I send them to the “Queen of Cups “for a deep massage on soft, warm, clean sheets with heavenly music. Claudia has some of the best hands and some of the broadest knowledge about healing and nutrition from all over the world. Her nutritional influence is amazing!

Several of my friends have brought their precious youngsters to Claudia and they all love her!

Just seeing her smile makes me feel better when I come to her wonderful space for my private vacation in the middle of town.

Do yourself a favor. Let Claudia treat you the right way! You deserve it!

Sally B. Santa Barbara:

Simply the Best!
I have worked with Claudia Ward for six years. I initially found her when I was looking for a new acupuncturist and massage therapist. I met with Claudia and realized that she would be able to help me on many levels. Through Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and massage, she has helped me conquer kidney stones, chronic back & shoulder pain, sinus issues, migraines, even the common cold and flu.

She has also introduced me to the Pancha Karma cleanse, which has been a tremendous benefit to my health. I have done these cleanses at least a dozen times since being introduced to them. My regular doctor is aware and whole-heartedly approves of Claudia’s treatments and of the Pancha Karma cleanses.

Claudia has always had the most professional attitude, immediately getting to the essence of my physical ailments in our sessions and has even taken the time to share recipes and ideas to use at home. She is kind, considerate and quite friendly and has helped me live a more healthy life. I have recommended her to many friends & colleagues. She is quite simply: the best!

Suzan B., Santa Barbara:

She is just simply “The Best”
I have been a patient of Claudia Ward for over twelve years and can recommend her highly. I am now a 79 year old senior citizen who has had numerous bodily complaints through the years, many of these associated with the aging process, but also have had to deal with broken bones, sprains, painful joints, radiation, headaches, anxiety and, more recently, Parkinsons disease. In each instance Claudia has been there for me in a most supportive way, and her acupuncture treatments have been enormously beneficial. At the moment I am seeing her on a regular basis in hopes of slowing the progression (diagnosed 8 years ago) of my P.D., and so far we have had good luck in this area.
Claudia is extremely knowledgeable and very professional in her approach to treating her patients. I have always known her to be organized, responsible, and 100% honest —- plus just a delightful and caring person. I feel truly blessed to have her in my life.

Monica S., Santa Barbara:

Well-being Guru

Claudia was referred to me by my chiropractor many years ago. I now seek her out for issues from lower back pain, to menopause symptoms. I can’t begin to tell you the relief I get from both her treatments, and Claudia as a person. I have, and continue to recommend her to my friends and anyone in need of thoughtful, professional and caring services. Gosh…her recommendations of herbs over the years as well, has made an enormous difference in my well-being! Thank you, Claudia~

Lynn F., Goleta:

Sciatica gone & pain free!
Claudia is awesome, I can only tell you how effective her treatments are, and how long term the results last. Claudia ‘s natural ability to access and remedy conditions , conveys to her patients and builds trust for life. I have recommended over 20 patients to Claudia , the success and feedback I have heard has made me very grateful that I can refer people in pain to Claudia. Thank you Claudia.

Ami K., Santa Barbara:

Claudia Rocks!
Claudia is an outstanding professional who is also kind and caring. I have been seeing Claudia for more than 10 years and she has never been anything less than wonderful.

Maryejo M, Santa Barbara:

Great Practitioner
Claudia is a kind, compassionate, highly knowledgeable practitioner. She cares greatly about her patients. She has helped me to get through issues of loss and grief and also has treated me for headaches. I highly recommend her. It’s a joy to spend time in her beautiful office in her caring presence.

Josi W., Ithaca:

I’d recommend Claudia to anyone
I have sought treatment from Claudia for a number of things — from pre-conception health to joint pain. Her approach to treatment is thorough and patient, and the results have been truly amazing. Because she takes the time to ask questions prior to any session, I always feel as though she has considered all options and made decisions based on my specific case. In every instance I have left her office feeling well-cared for and eager to return for another treatment. She has a light touch with the needles (which is not true of all acupuncturists, in my experience!), is a skilled masseuse, and her office is beautiful and inviting. I highly recommend visiting Claudia if you are seeking someone who will consider your body holistically, and take the thought and time to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Suzanne N. Santa Barbara:

I’ve honestly NEVER felt such a powerful response to treatment–any treatment of any kind–that I just had to come home and Google awhile. I am sold, a billion times over, on that foot cupping. I totally felt it open up my meridians, and such a blissful sense of strong energy move slowly from my feet all the way up my body.

And, now that I’ve read more about cupping’s therapeutic effects on various things, I’m going to want cupping every time I see you! (But always including my feet!)